The Founder

My personal mission is to create a bridge for humanity, to connect its origin and its destiny.

Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken 

CEO & Chairman of the Stichting LDMF, Leader of the Matrix-Q Ecosystem, 900+ e-Publications, 900+ hours audio and video archive. Author, Artist, Visionary, Futurist,  Multidisciplinary Researcher, Innovator, Serial Entrepreneur, Mentor, Consultant, Coach,  Educator, Global Citizen, Traveler, Explorer, Martial Astist.

  • Founder & Owner of theMatrix-Q Entrepreneurs & Investors Club
  • Multidisciplinary Researcher (self-funded research studies, Matrix-Q Research Institute): "The study of nature inspired ancient cultures and civilizations, their technology, knowledge, society, leaders, thinking, and innovation, enables the creation of a bridge between the past and the future of humanity. At the Matrix-Q Ecosystem, we are addressing global, local, and pressing social issues with a new kind of holistic knowledge, "the ancient code, the principles of nature", facilitating a foundation for innovation, entrepreneurship, and personal growth.
  • Speaker, Coach, Mentor
  • Futurist, Data-Driven & Quantum Fractal Time Prediction Algorithms
  • Author, storyteller, and artist (900+ digital e-publications), performing arts producer
  • Explorer, traveler (lived abroad and traveling since 1997), organize multidisciplinary archeology expeditions (Matrix-Q Travel)
  • Multidisciplinary Innovator ( in 81 fields of applications: education, technology, strategic management, personal growth and leadership, mathematics, engineering, clean energy, new materials, arts, business, circular economy, wealth management, predictive tools, algorithms, gamification, holistic health, entrepreneurship, communication, marketing, community building, resilience, human potential, economy, investment,...) Matrix-Q Innovations are utilized at the Matrix-Q Start-ups (Matrix-Q Human Inclusive Technology)
  • Holistic lifestyle trainer Matrix-Q Method ( Primordial yoga, conscious breathing, meditation, self-defense, nonviolence, positive emotions, work-life family balance, forest bathing, preventive health, sound for balance, brain GYM, ...)
  • Consultant, Sparring Partner, Trusted Advisor,Business Transition Facilitator
  • Investor-Entrepreneur
  • Serial entrepreneur ( created business projects, pilot and testing projects in Peru, Chile, Switzerland, Germany, Finland, the Netherlands, and online worldwide, since 1993)
  • Facilitates training (for Matrix-Q Certificates, licenses, and label candidates) at theMatrix-Q Akademia for the next generation of entrepreneurs, leaders, and investors

The Matrix-Q Method is the Bridge

  • A bridge between ancient and modern cultures in history that would address global pressing issues of our time and our future
  • A bridge between 9 generations living daily life in our current times, which will enable collaboration and circular transfer of knowledge and experience.
  • A bridge between disciplines and fields of knowledge, to enable the level of innovation and creativity necessary to solve complex challenges.
  • A bridge between genders, to enable collaboration, co-creativity, family and community.
  • A bridge within individuals, brining together, thinking, feeling, action and the power of creation and execution and adaptation (mindset).
  • A bridge between daily life and human awareness, human consciousness, which enables learning from nature as it is, from its laws, principles, rhythms and cycles.
  • A bridge that enables the creation of a positive systemic impact, in nature, societies and economies.

About Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken


  • Since 1993 our founder has been dedicated to multidisciplinary research and innovation.
  • As consultant, coach and trainer had the possibility to contribute with sustainable development.
  • As author, artist and visionary, to participate in the development of a global peaceful culture.
  • As innovator and futurist, to join efforts for the development of an advanced global civilization.
  • As a speaker, leader and mentor, had the opportunity to inspire, and encourage personal and organizational transformation, to create a positive impact in nature, societies and economies.
  • As entrepreneur and investor, to provide the means that enable research, development, innovation for human inclusive sustainable development and peace.


  • Human Potential - DNA Studies - Neuroscience - Learning
  • Life Span - Antiaging - Immunology
  • Artificial Intelligence - Quantum Computing - Technology 4.0
  • Mathematics - Algorithms
  • Human Intelligence, Human Behavior
  • Systemic Strategic Management, Leadership
  • Social Impact - Impact Investment - Economy
  • Sustainable Development - Circular Economy - Climate Change - SDG2030 17 Sustainable Development Goals by United Nations
  • Performing Arts, Story Telling & Culture Development
  • Ancient Cultures and Civilizations Nature Inspired Knowledge & Technology


  • Chairman, Founder, Stichting LDMF
  • R&D Lead Matrix-Q Research Institute, Matrix-Q Innovation Lab, Matrix-Q Studio
  • CEO, R&D Lead, Social-Impact Lead Matrix-Q Entrepreneurs Club
  • Matrix-Q Akademia Education Programs Lead, Mentor, Coach
  • Founder Matrix-Q Fund (for Business Venture Investment & Non-Profit Causes)

JOURNEY, Years abroad traveling

  • Born in Peru in 1972, from multicultural family tree origins (China, Spain, Italy, Nordic & Slavic ancestors) he felt pulled by the need to find his own place and culture, as a global citizen, and to discover, learn and value the culture and achievement, legacy of his ancestors. Travel back to Europe in 1975, 1997, and 2003, and got established in the Netherlands in 2016.
  • Since 1996 he lived abroad and abroad traveling in Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, Switzerland, Germany, Israel, Russia, Finland, Belgium, Italy, Austria, Tirol, and The Netherlands.
  • As a traveler, had the opportunity to contribute locally with the experience and approach of a global citizen, and to include cultural knowledge, perceptions, and skills from locations he visited.
  • Lived abroad and abroad traveling, while engaging in Multidisciplinary archeology expeditions, visiting sites of ancient cultures and civilizations (Ancient Eurasia) learning about their nature-inspired knowledge and technology.
  • He also developed pilot and trial projects, testing new knowledge through empiric studies, market validation, and field research.
  • He learned on the field, by meeting local people and listening to local stories, participating in their adventures, needs, inquiries, projects, challenges, vision, and development.

AN IDEA WORTH SPREADING (Research work by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken)

  • Nature inspired ancient cultures and civilizations, using proto-computing tools, and very simple geometrical structures that helped users do complex thinking, by organizing thought, and processing.
  • The tools were based on the math of proportions, and nature's principles, and local culture interpretation on how those principles created the universe/world we live in, culture, people, knowledge, life.
  • By the study of these ancient tools, I have arrived at the discovery of a new mathematical system (nonary) and created a new methodology for algorithms design, a new encoded simple language (numbers, geometry, and frequencies), that can help us create a new form of data, computer processing, (quantum computing), and also learn about nature's systems and human potential.
  • I have run studies (since 1993) and applied this knowledge, and research on its applications in fields like artificial intelligence, education, sustainability, circular economy, communication, time management, work-life balance, life-span, strategic business management, regenerative solutions, new economic models, coaching-training methods, impact-assessment, inclusion, gender diversity, gamification, tokenization and many more.
  • We continuously develop new applications at the Matrix-Q Research Institute and Ecosystem, in the Netherlands.
  • This new knowledge enables a multidisciplinary regenerative framework, holistic and inclusive, and circular, based on natural systems.
  • It also reminds us, that we can learn so much from the past, and create a bridge between our [past, present, and future, in order to design the solutions that our planet needs.
  • One of our discoveries has been an innovative timeline of human evolution. In which we describe how emotional intelligence is key for the current stage of human evolution, for us to reach the next milestone as human species.
  • How emotional intelligence can help us enhance human connection, social empathy, awareness of emotions for learning, thinking, communicating, cocreating, collaborating, perception of value, decision making, leadership, data, artificial intelligence, systems thinking, community, impact, policy, time management and much more.